Grain Free Birthday Parties

We just celebrated 3 birthdays in our family.  Back in the days, before we knew about the kiddos food allergies, we made amazing bright red fire trucks, and bright pink castles cakes with all kinds of candy decorations. Now things are a little less colorful but still very flavorful!

We recently tried out some paleo recipes for all our birthday parties.  I hope you will enjoy them and make some yourself.

All I wanted for my birthday was cheesecake, so I found a paleo one.  The recipe was from Amazing Paleo. Although it did taste very yummy, it had more of a key lime pie flavor to it than a cheesecake flavor.  I was craving the real thing, so a few days later we did another grain free cheesecake for a my daughter's birthday, it was wonderful!!!  It is not true paleo as it has dairy in it, but it's still grain free and luscious.  It was from Heavenly Homemakers. I used honey instead of maple syrup, and I put it in a cake pan instead of cupcake papers, but I must say it was SO GOOD, melt in your mouth, want to eat the entire cake good!  We also made the Decadent Fudgy Brownies from The Nourishing Home.  Again I altered the recipe by using honey instead of the sugars it called for.  It was very good, a big hit with the kids especially.

Talk about partying multiple cakes in a short amount of time, but my favorite was the main dish. We made a wonderful cauliflower pizza for the birthday party.  We actually made 5 of them!  We loosely followed a recipe from How Sweet It Is.  She has great pictures and step by step instructions on her site.   I only used mozzarella cheese, salt, oregano, garlic, egg and cauliflower in the crust.  We toasted the cauliflower for 15 minutes at 400 degrees prior to mixing it with the egg and spices. I do not microwave anything, it takes all the nutrition out of your food and makes it worthless to eat.  We garnished it with spinach, zucchini, beef, and cheese.  We had one plain cheese for some of the kids.  We then made a second kind with no cheese, for a dairy free friend. The egg held it together and it worked out great.  They all turned out wonderfully.  I will say if you're using a glass pan be sure to grease it first. 

I hope for your next party or even for dinner some night you can try out some of these wonderful recipes.  Let us know where you find your favorite grain free recipes.


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