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MRI Results

After waiting months my daughter was finally able to get the MRI done.  We had waited knowing that she had a dark basil ganglia and that it could cause all kinds of problems later in life.  We waited as she had a palate-expander in her mouth and couldn't go in until that was removed. As we waited I went through waves, days of fear and days of peace. 

One day as I was praying for her I started thinking about how years ago we were told we wouldn't have children that lived outside of my womb.  I thought of all the things we were told even when I was pregnant with her about her likelihood of survival due to my very premature labor. I thought of the peace that God gave me as I laid on bed rest for 10 weeks in my hospital bed.  The peace that surrounded me in that hospital room was like nothing I felt before. I knew she was going to be okay, and she was.  She was healthy and able to breath on her own.  I thought of that and how in that moment God laid on our hearts that His favor wa…

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