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The Power of Creativity

Our home is full of creativity.  I love to write and lead my kids in art projects or science experiments.  I'm not afraid of dirt.  We go through reams of paper monthly for all the drawings and paintings my children randomly make.  Most of my kids were painting before they could talk.  I'd prop them up in their highchairs with a paintbrush and let them go to town. 

Music is another thing that we've always had.  My husband bought a nice digital piano before we had kids.  Each of our babies would sit on the bench "playing" the piano from the time they were tiny.  Funny thing is my husband only plays chords and I don't play at all.  Yet, our appreciation of music still stands.  He would regularly find music to his favorite praise song and play and sing as we worshiped God together as a family.

We are constantly making up songs.  We could make our own youtube parody songs, but we haven't recorded any yet.  We just walk around the house singing most days inste…

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