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CT Scan Scares and Prayers

The last couple of weeks, since my daughter's horse accident have been very full.  Full of questions and tears and also seeing God at work.

On the day of her accident she had a CT scan.  The ER doctor came back into the room and told us her CT scan was abnormal.  He then rattled off that she had a darkened basal ganglia and that he had to inform us that her CT was abnormal and we'd have to follow up with her pediatrician.  He said it so fast that I was completely unsure what he had said.  I had him repeat it a few times and then had him spell it while I texted it to my husband. I then asked him if it could be dark due to a shadow casted by my daughter's palate expander on the roof of her mouth.  He said no.  I asked what causes a dark basal ganglia he said, "Well it could be biology, she was just born with it like that, or it could be a neurological condition that would show up later on." He asked questions about tremors or seizures.  Then he said it could be an…

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