Good Gifts II: Making Doll House Furniture

As we made the doll house for my littlest I began wanting to make some furniture for the rooms.  I'd seen her play with her little dolls for months with no furniture, and although she never said a word about it, I saw.  I saw what things she didn't have and I knew the addition would bring many hours of joy and imaginative play.

I imagine the Heavenly Father watching us in the same way.  I imagine him seeing all our needs and wants, even the ones we never offer up in prayer, and many times he then gives us those gifts in little ways to remind us of his love and that he sees us. Just the other day this happened for me. For years I've made popcorn on the stove with a kettle, we don't use a microwave at all, and so making popcorn was sometimes a chore.  With all the oil splatters and having to stand at the stove the entire time I didn't enjoy making popcorn for family movie nights.  Then a friend of mine surprised me with an air popper.  It was a wonderful gesture from her and it made me think of my Heavenly Father seeing my needs.  Little needs, like the carrot peeler, the new dishes, the hand me down kids clothes at just the right time. God sees our needs and he gives us good gifts.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1:17

So I began making doll house furniture.  For the table and chairs I bought short and tall wooden spools (approx $3), one package of little squares ($1.49), and one package of rectangular Woodsies ($2.47) from Hobby Lobby. I used two of the rectangular Woodsies for the table, glued together with wood glue and clamped over night to dry.  I then painted and added the spools for the table legs.  The chairs were the short spools and the small squares.  It turned out to be the a very nice dinning room set.  I finished it off with a package of plates and silverware for a couple dollars at Hobby Lobby that my older daughter decorated with paint.

I also made a bed for the parents.  I used the left over cubes from putting the roof together as the bed legs or supports.  I then used extra floor samples and cut them to look like a a head board.  I glued them together and let dry.  Then I made a little mattress, like you would a small pillow, and then added pillows and a blanket.  It took about 15 minutes start to finish to make the parents bed.

After making these and other odds and ends the doll house was ready.  What joy I felt to watch my kids playing and excited about the new doll house and new furniture.  My husband and I had spent very little money on this gift, but we gave of our time and got creative to give our sweet girl a very happy 4th birthday.  We wanted to give her a good gift.  Doesn't our Heavenly Father wish to give us good gifts too, are we not his dear sweet little children.

What surprise good gifts has God given you lately to show you that he's watching, and he cares?


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