Grain Free Fabulous Banana Pancakes

This week a lady mentioned using 2 eggs and 1 banana to make banana pancakes.  I know my family rarely has pancakes now that we are grain free. So this idea intrigued me. It was in fact as easy as she said.

I used a ninja and blended 2 eggs with 1 banana then poured it onto my electric skillet set at 400 degrees. I had olive oil in the pan to keep the pancakes from sticking.  The 2 egg, 1 banana combo makes about 5 pancakes.  My kids spread almond butter on top and enjoyed.

As you can see the batter is runny and a little frothy.  It makes lovely round pancakes, if you cook too long they will be dark brown, but still taste fine.  If you don't cook long enough you'll get more of a scrambled egg look. Give it a try, hope you enjoy.

Do you have a super simply recipe you use for breakfasts? Tell us about it. 


  1. Oh these were so yummy! I tried them, and will be making them again. Thanks so much, Missy!


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