This week for our Bible time we've been looking at peace.  Isn't it interesting that as I'm studying peace with my children, I become undone.  I've been lacking peace, feeling sad and discouraged and very emotional.  I looked at one of my kids copy work pages, as I was cleaning the never ending piles of clutter,  it grabbed my attention.

The verse my little 4 year old traced says: "You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you."  Isaiah 26:3.

It made me stop and kind of laugh at the irony.  My thoughts were not fixed on God.  My thoughts were fixed on kids bickering, disappointments, busy schedules, all I needed to do, wanted to do.  Thoughts of how I didn't measure up, or how my loved ones didn't measure up.  As I thought about this I said aloud to myself,  "well of course you wouldn't be in perfect peace with all these thoughts." I was reminded of the verse that says take captive every thought.  I pictured myself taking these thoughts as they flowed through my spinning head and locking them into a jail, or throwing them out.  They aren't the thoughts worthy of my time and energy, and they certainly don't lead to perfect peace.

I hope that I will be better at remembering this, and putting it into practice.  I surely want the Lord's perfect peace.

So on the day after Valentine's day if you are feeling discouraged, or forgotten, or if you're mind is just full of thoughts that are weighing you down, take heart.  Capture those thoughts and throw them out, remind yourself that Christ loved you so much He gave His life for you.  Keep your thoughts fixed on Him.  You two will find His perfect peace. 


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