Questions about God

As I put my kids to bed the littlest started asking all kinds of questions.

"Mommy, are there 5 Gods?"she asked. 
"No honey I said, just one." 
She tilted her head, "But He's in all our hearts?" 

It made me smile, it's a valid question how can God be in all of our hearts if there's just one of him.  I explained that God is so amazing and so different from us, he can be everywhere at one time.  Omnipresent.  I also explained that the part in our hearts is the Holy Spirit, which is what God gave to us to help guide us. 

A minute later when that was digested by her little 4 year old brain she threw out the next question. "Mommy who had God?" 
I said, "Well nobody, God always was." 
"But Mommy, God grew in that lady's belly and she had him." 
"Oh, you mean Mary?  She had Jesus, she was his earthly mother."
"But Mommy, Jesus is God, so she's God's mother."
"No Sweety, you see God always was and had no mother, but he made a part of himself come down to earth, as Jesus, to live here so that he could die for our sins, so we could have forgiveness, and then he rose again.  So Mary is Jesus earthly mother but not God's mother."
Now that is one hard thing to explain.  I can hardly understand it, let alone explain it. I thought.

"Mommy is God bigger than Goliath?"
"Yes Honey, God is way bigger than Goliath.  God is so incredible and so big and so amazing that we can't fully understand him, but we can trust him and know that one day in heaven we can ask him all these things."

"Mommy, how did God make movies?"
"God didn't make movies honey, people make movies."
"What! People make them?"
"Yes, God made us with brains to think and figure things out, and we figured out how to make movies, and buildings and all sorts of things."

Then she fell asleep. 

I'm so glad she's asking questions, even if some are hard to answer.  I want her to ask, to ponder and come to the place where this faith in Christ is her own.  I want her to be able to defend it and to know that there are parts that we will not fully understand here, because we are human and think in finite terms, but God is infinite and can do things very differently than we can.  How do you encourage your children in their questions and kindle their amazement of God?


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