Looking Up and Waiting

Things are most definitely looking up in many ways.  I now only have my children at home. Three is much more doable in a two bedroom apartment, than six. ;)

 My dear friend is doing better daily and was able to take her children home.  What a blessing that is.  She can hold her 3 month old and be in her children's presence.  These things are huge praises to the LORD.

In this there are also a lot of things that seem to be standing still.  Each day brings on more questions.  What about, what's going to happen? My heart feels heavy at times with the waiting, with the unknown.  I know the Lord has told me not to worry about anything, but that's so hard!  I worry, I think about all the what ifs and I plan for how to react, how to deal. I do this probably because of my upbringing.  It's my survival mechanism.  Yet it still doesn't fully prepare me.  Things still blow me away and take me off guard. 

I find I have to keep saying, " Lord, help me, help me to wait on you.  Renew my strength daily.  Please Lord. I so easily fall into worry and fear, help me Lord to not worry about tomorrow, but to come to you daily, seeking you to guide me and answer me just for this day. Help me to remember that God,  and keep a day at a time perspective. "

If you are a person who worries too.  I hope you can find peace in Christ, and go to him each day asking for help to not worry but to Wait on Him.  I know it's not easy, let's do it together.


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