My faith will stand

As I listen to "Where feet may fail" my soul cries out to the Lord.  I feel like HE has called me out and these are deep waters. Deep waters of life circumstances: cancer raging in my best friend's body, children confused by the changes and acting out from a place of needing reassurance.  Deep waters of my mind racing with all that's going on and my heart burdened day and night.  The thoughts of what if...the hopes for healing and renewal.  Yet I will declare, "MY FAITH WILL STAND".  I declare it again to the Lord in this time of deep waters, as I did when I didn't understand loosing my babies, as I did while in the hospital for 10 straight weeks, or when money seemed non existent and we didn't know how we'd make it through the day let alone a week.  This time the waves seem bigger, the ocean deeper and I will say, " LORD, my faith will stand and I will call upon YOUR name!"  

"God keep my eyes above the waves."  There are so many waves.  Waves of unknown, waves of emotion, waves that feel like they could crash right over us.  But God you are bigger than those waves, you are bigger than the storm and I know that you can keep my eyes on you, above the waves and allow me to walk.  I thank the Lord that I can rest in his embrace knowing that I am his, that my best friend is his that all 7 of these children involved are his.  I thank the Lord for his grace, as they abound in these deep waters.  Fear may surround us, but God has never failed me and he won't start now.

I need to keep calling on HIS name and keep my eyes above the waves, so that my soul can rest in HIS embrace. 

I never thought this is where the Lord would take me.  I would not have wandered to this place. Moving to a new state, uprooting our lives, we did not picture this would be why. We had much grander, less messy plans. Yet the Lord has lead me to a place where my feet could fail, but his grace abounds.   A place of taking care of two families of kids and homeschooling more than my family. Meshing our children together and working through the trials that come.  Yet I see my faith being made stronger as I press into the Lord and I cry out,  "Lead me Lord where my TRUST is without borders, going where ever you would call me. If it's ministering to my friend, if it's tending to her babies, if it's teaching them.  If it's calming the fears, wiping the tears, give me the strength God."

When the days are hard, when the noise of the world crams in, when others speak their fears into my life, into this situation, I'm so glad that I have my SAVIOR, that I can be in his presence.  That I can feel him saying TRUST me, that he's taking my faith deeper, though there is pain, without it there would not be growth. So I will call upon HIS NAME and keep my eyes fixed on HIM, my dear heavenly father, though my feet fail, HE never does and he can lead my feet and allow me to walk on the water, over the waves. 

I pray today for HIS strength and for my eyes fixed above the waves.  Will you pray for me too and for my best friend.  To listen to the song that is my anthem right now click this link.


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