St. Patrick's Day Fun

My husband is Irish.  We love to celebrate St. Patty's day.  We don't do Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, but we do the Leprechaun.  We set out traps the night before and try to catch the Leprechaun with greens and rainbows and yummy treats.  The Leprechaun has yet to be caught.  Though one year my husband got a "picture" of the Leprechaun.  He did some fancy computer editing and had the Leprechaun by my daughter's trap.  The kids were amazed! 

This year we set 5 traps, one for each of the kids that were big enough.  We got some fun ideas for traps here. The kids had a lot of fun being creative and decorating their traps.  The next day they woke up to green cre paper confetti all over their beds, green footprints on their traps and walls and floors, even on the green tooth brushes.  The Lephracaun found my sons green truck and drove it all over the kitchen floor leaving green streaks.  There was also candy all over wrapped in yellow or gold colored paper.  It was a very fun time of finding the sneaky things the Lepracaun did, like adding green (natural colored) sprinkles to the milk.  That silly guy.

 What fun things do you do with your kids to celebrate St. Patty's day?  Tell us about it.

After he came. The candy is gone, and foot
prints are there.

One trap before he came.


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