Worthy is His Name

Each night as my precious kiddos close their eyes and begin to drift off into dream land I sing Jesus Lamb of God. The song speaks to my heart each night.  Though I may fall down, He picks me up, though I may feel dry, He fills my cup.  I love singing this at the end of each day, it's a reminder to me that God is my ALL and that no matter what the day may have been like HE is worthy of praise. 

I love singing praises to the Lord as my children fall asleep.  It makes me feel like I'm in the Lord's presence.  I imagine angels joining in praise filling my children's room.  The peace that surrounds us as I sing out to the Lord is so calming and so comforting.  I hope that my children will remember when they are grown to start the day and close the day praising our great God.

I hope they too will know that they can not do anything with out the Lord and that only He can fill their cup, only He can pick them up when they feel unable to go on.  I hope and pray that my kids will learn to lean into the Lord and bring Him all their joys and all their sorrows.

Do you have a special song of praise that you sing over your children or with them?  Share it with us.


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