Atlanta Trip: Part 4

After hearing the Archbishop speak, and learning about people like Rachel Corrie and others who have died trying to help the refugees in Palestine I watched a documentary that is still ringing in my head days later.  The documentary is called Five Broken Cameras and it aired on PBS Point of View.

I watched as the film maker a Palestinian man in a small village tried to raise his son Gibreel. I saw this baby boy grow into a 5 year old in the midst of Israeli soldiers.  This village was walled off from it's resources of food and crops.  The people were literally caged.  They were shot at and many killed, as they peacefully protested.  Children were taken by force in the middle of the night by the Israeli army.  Kids holding signs shouting Let Us Sleep,after being fearful all night that they might be taken too, walked to "the wall" in a peaceful protest only to be shot at by the soldiers. 

As I watched this my heart ached within me.  One scene shows his wife lying next to his little son singing to him, as his eyes wide open dart back and forth listening to the sounds of the Army taking children and shooting people in the middle of the night.

Here at home as I lay next to my little boy, who's also 5 and sing to him, tears well up in my chest.  I pray for the many many mother's who will loose their children this very night.  I pray for them, that God would comfort their hurting hearts.  I ask God what can I do and I praise him that my son is still safe in my arms.

Yet I ache.  I ache for her, her face that represents so many who live with constant threat of death.  I ache for those that see their babies killed before their eyes.  I ache because of the sin and injustice in this world.  My heart heaves thinking of all the little faces, and names, like Gibreel that I saw in this documentary.  Faces that imprinted on my mind.  These are no longer numbers or statistics, but people, children, like my own, being scared, tortured and killed.

Pray with me for them, and become informed, share this with others that they too will ache enough to want change, and stand for truth. Please follow the link and watch the documentary.


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