Blending Worms

As I sat reading to my kids before bed, the book reminded them of last summer when we took in abandoned baby birds.  I had to laugh thinking back.  There are things you never think you'll say or do until you become a parent.  Taking in baby birds isn't that big of deal, but blending worms in MY ninja to feed the hungry babes was not something I ever thought I'd do. 

The little birds were flung out of the nest by a larger bird that fought with their mother right in front of us.  Four birds were dashed onto our porch.  Only 3 lived.  We tried leaving them for the mom to come and take care of but when there was no sight of mother bird we made a little nest and brought them in.  Day and night we tended to the little wide mouthed creatures.  They got hungry often and needed more attention than any child I ever reared.

I mixed worms, with organic chicken broth and millet in the ninja and then fed the little birds with an eye dropper.  As they got stronger necks and heads I used my daughters plastic science tweezers to drop a less blended mixture in their wide open beaks.  We couldn't keep up with the rigorous feedings and found a local wild animal rescue center to bring them to.

My kids stare at the place where the nest still sits in our balcony and wonder if this year we'll get to help little birds.  Needless to say I never used that blender again.  I hope that there is no need for it and that this year's mother is able to keep her brood safe from those that would hurt her nest and home.

I pray too that God would give me wisdom as I parent my own little brood.  That I would be a good homemaker.  I thank God for the opportunities to make lasting memories with these little blessings. I can even thank Him for blended worms.


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