Books We Love: Part 1

As a home schooling mother of 3 I find myself surrounded by books.  Books line our 4 bookshelves in the living room.  Book bins are all around the house.  Library books sit in piles and inevitably I find books hiding in my kids beds.  When my oldest was a toddler she would fall asleep every night surrounded by books.  She could quote all of Corduroy and we regularly read through 40 new library books every 3 days.  We love books. 

As my kids grow their favorites change.  Yet we can all quote certain lines from the ones we read over and over, night after night, the beloved books from different stages in their lives.

Sleepy Bears by Mem Fox represents my eldest when she was a baby and I was a teacher.  My husband stayed home and took care of her and that book was read day and night and loved by us all.  When she first started talking she loved Ali bear and would quote the line,  "tummy all tight dreaming of scrumptiousness all through the night." 

Corduroy represents her second year of life, when I came home from being a teacher and my husband was a pastor.  I would sit and rock her reading Corduroy and Baby Danced the Polka, over and over again.  I would never tire of her sing song voice as I read and she recited them from memory.  Everytime I see Corduroy I can hear her baby voice trying to say escalator, but it coming out more like ec-ca-lay-or. 

What are Friends For gave my daughter the name Figgy Two Socks for her pet duck.  Love You Forever , everyone's favorite has been read and sang over and over again.  Yet to me it stands for the time when we lost our third baby, and I read it to my sweet daughter after finding out our baby had died in my womb and I cried. 

Mr. Putter and Tabby and Henry and Mudge remind me of being pregnant with my son and reading to my oldest.  It also reminds me of my dear grandfather who passed away and the visits we took to see him.  How my little girl would curl up on his lap and he would read Mr. Putter and Tabby and chuckle his deep laugh at the antics of the old man in the story.  As I'm sure he could relate, although his cat was Kuro, not Tabby.

Bearnstein Bears make me think of my son and my husband laying on the floor altering the stories based on the illustrations and the laughter that fills the room.  We have almost every Bearnstein Bear book there is and my son loves them no matter how many times we've read them.

You're All My Favorites brings me to my youngest being born.  Having three in the house and cuddling them while reading and them pointing to the bears figuring out which one they were.

Tell Me Something Happy Before I go to Sleep is our current treasured picture book.  We love the closeness of the brother and sister and the sweetness of the story. It always puts happy thoughts in their heads before they go off to dream land.

Isn't it amazing how books can represent time and can bring back treasured memories just by looking at the cover.  We have many loved books.  I hope to share some of them with you this week.  Perhaps you're looking to add to your collection, join me in the days to come, as I share the books we love and how we've used them in our home for both school and memory making.


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