Books We Love: Part 4

I have found that once my child hits the chapter book stage it's more difficult to find books that share our values on the library shelves.  There are tons of chapter books don't get me wrong, but when you have a 2nd grader reading at a fourth grade and higher level, the content isn't always appropriate.  I have scanned many a book to become sorely disappointed in the way the characters talk, or the way they down play witch craft as being something fun, or how everyone has to have a crush.  I'm very picky about what my kids read.  I don't care for series where the main character has horrible spelling and grammar.  How am I supposed to expect my daughter to learn to write well if she's reading misspelled words.  On my quest to find good clean, fun books for my oldest we've found a few must reads.

The first real chapter book she read was Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth.  She couldn't put the book down, she loved it and finished it in a day.  Her next chapter book was Not-So-Ordinary Girl: Ballerina Weather Girl it was another love, a little longer and harder and took her a couple extra days to complete.  She had her nose glued to the book though, everywhere we went.  It's great to see your child loving reading so much that they forget to play at the park and sit and read the whole time.  She was literally walking around with her nose in the book.  Since then she's read many more books.  Our absolute favorites are: Circle C Beginnings, I got them for my daughter for Christmas and by February she had finished the entire series.  She loved them!  She's moved on to Circle C Adventures and though they are much harder they have been a favorite as well. These are by the same author, the first is about Andi as a 6 year old and geared more to the 6-8 year old reader.  They are full of fun antics, mishaps, and adventures, along with Andi growing in knowing how to handle things the way Jesus would want her to.  Circle C Adventures was actually written first, but it's about Andi when she's about 12.  These are non-stop adventures in an 1880 setting.  The first book in this series Andi runs away, has her horse stolen and deals with a lot of very bad consequences for her decision, she learns that facing up to her family would have been a whole lot easier than the mess she made by running from her problems.  It made my daughter cry when Andi's horse Taffy was whipped by a mean girl and she was on the edge of her seat telling me all the details.  I often would hear her yell, "Mom, guess what Andi just found a clue about Taffy..." If you have a mystery lover or a horse lover your kids are sure to love this series. Another great thing about these series is the author has wonderful printables, lap books, enrichments, and activities on her site.  So check it out, I'd say these books are for boys or girls, but she also has a series that has a boy as the main character.

For devotion books we really like the  Just For Me series.  They have one on the Bible which is wonderful and gives context to the Bible stories.  There are ones on family and friends and they all come with a cool little key chain.  

Thank you for following along and discovering some more chapter books for your family.  What is your favorite morally sound chapter book?  Tell us about it.


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