My Atlanta Trip: Part 1

This week I'd like to share with you what I learned in the last four days while in Atlanta.  My dear grandmother calls that area her home.  I went to visit her there for the first time this past weekend.  It was a wonderful experience filled with learning opportunities.

First I'd like to introduce you to my grandmother.  She is a very vibrant, woman.  She is busy every where she goes and though in her 70's she's very active in social justice issues.  When I was two years old she went to Amman Jordan with my grandfather, a then geologist.  He went to work on water resources, while there my grandmother met a woman named Leila Wahbeh.  This woman continually brought resources and relief to the refugees there in Palestine. My grandmother witnessed first hand the life within a refugee camp.  When she left that region to return to the US, the images and the land stayed in her heart and mind.  She went on to write a book about Leila, called Committee of One.  However the public at that time did not want to hear about Palestinian Refugees.  They tried to keep her book off the market by repeatedly destroying her manuscripts.  After my grandfather died in 2010 my grandmother went back to see how things had changed and to embrace her dear friend Leila that was still such a big part of her heart.  She was able to come home to a new and changing climate and publish her book Committee of One.

This new climate is full of people seeking the truth and wanting to be informed.  Yet so many of us are too busy with our own lives, or with being entertained that we aren't becoming informed.  We aren't listening or finding out what is really going on around the world.  While I was with her in Atlanta I got to meet many people, both Christian and Muslim that are from Palestine.  People that have witnessed the atrocities that occur at the hands of the Israeli Army daily.  I met Atallah Hanna, the Greek Orthodox Archbishop from Jerusalem and listened to him and many others speak on what is happened to civilians, unarmed, humans, men, woman and children.  I will include things about that meeting later in the week.

Today I wanted to introduce you to Pat Holt, my grandmother.  Please look at her website or read her book and become informed. Stayed tuned this week for more information and what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Christ and to many other innocent people.


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