When People Come Together

As I've written before my best friend was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She is a young mom like me.  Her oldest is 15 and her youngest is only 3 months old.  After his birth she found out that the cancer, which was in remission, had returned and spread to her lungs, bones, and liver.  This of course was devastating news to her and all who love her.

She is an amazing woman, full of life and love and joy. She radiates when she walks in a room, and people are drawn to her.  She was in YWAM and has traveled all over the world learning about cultures and people and reaching out to them during short term mission trips.  She became a teacher and then married and became a wife and a mother to her husbands young daughter .  Five years ago she left teaching to stay home with her new son.  In all the transitions in life she has always been one of the most loved people I know.  There's something about her that draws others in, that makes people want to be near her.  I think it's her faith.  She has a faith in God that is strong, even when things are rough. She continually looks to the LORD.

Out of this tragedy of devastating diagnosis I have seen so many people be touched by her faith.  While she was in the hospital with an infection people came out of the woodwork to visit her.  Some were friends who are close and some met her once or twice years ago, yet she left a mark on their life.  All these people have come together to support her.  What has amazed me is seeing people step across denominational barriers and come together.  Churches that normally don't work together, are doing just that.  Today we are going to a fundraiser that was set up for her and her family. It's in a community center, where there will be 35 vendors, clowns, face painting and bake sales.  These vendors are all people who know and love my dear friend.  They are all people that she has made an impression on and who want to give back to her.  They have purchased tables, given gifts for a raffle and are coming together to raise money for this dear family as they battle cancer.  I can't wait to share how much is raised.  It blesses my heart to see people working together, giving of their time, their money and their business talents to bless my dear friend.

When people stop the busyness of their lives and come together for a cause they can do amazing things!  Look around you, there are people hurting everywhere, there are injustices everywhere.  What will you do?  How will you be a blessing today? Who can you join in making a difference right where you are?


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