All About Reading

I absolutely love our All About Reading Curriculum.  I love it because after years of teaching and working as a tutor I finally feel like I know how to teach a child to read.  I love it because it works.  The primary idea is that there are 72 basic phonograms, if you know the phonograms and you know the rules you can read and spell anything.  I also love it because my kids love it.  My son looks forward to the activities, at the age of 5 is reading at his own pace, which happens to be 2nd grade level. I love the joy and excitement of doing the activities together. 

He's enjoyed feeding a whale words that have the "wh" phonogram sound. The most recent activity he did had a gum ball machine with gum ball cards with words on the back. He turned the gumballs over read them, and pretended to put money in the paper gum ball machine, slid the paper gum ball down and handed it to me to eat.  I pretended to chew it and then blow a giant bubble which he would then "pop".  As it popped on my face I would cry out words like, "Yuck, I'm so sticky."

Each time he'd laugh, mouth wide open, eyes shining laughter.  His laughter is contagious.  The minute he smiles in my direction and laughs, it's as if nothing else in all the world matters, and laughter flows through me and the rest of our household.  When a curriculum brings that much enjoyment you know you've made the right choice.  With All About Reading between the fun activities, we have time that he reads to me and we cuddle up on the couch.  This lesson can be done anywhere.  Sometimes we sprawl across the floor, other times we're cuddled up and once in a while we sit at a table to do our lesson.

I also use All About Spelling.  There are not the fun activities but it is great as it teaches the spelling rules and gives spelling words for practice.  My youngest who's only 4 likes to sit with her siblings and pretend to do school with them.  I use my magnetic white board with magnet letter tiles and we build words, she watches and tries to copy them down. I used to think the English language made no sense.  I didn't know why c sometimes said 'k' and sometimes 's'.  I didn't know why you use a c, k, ck, or ch for the 'k' sound.  This program explains the phonograms, when they say what and what the rules are. Now it makes sense. 

Right now All About Reading is having a GIVE AWAY.  You can click on any of my links to get to their site.  Go to their blog and try to win $100.00 of curriculum.  You can also enjoy my links to get free activities from AAR. I hope you will try out All About Reading and All About Spelling, so that you too can discover the joy of teaching reading and hear your child's contagious laughter.


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