By Faith

Yesterday I awoke early and read the Bible. I was in Hebrews 11 going through all the people who lived by faith. As I closed my Kindle Bible I thought "Lord help me live by faith today."  I was also in prayer for the 5-day club l was hosting at my apartment playground.  I desperately wanted it to go well. I wanted all the people I invited to come out.  I wanted to see kids' hearts reached for Christ.  As my mind would wander over the things I hoped for, I felt God's voice calling out to me, "Walk by faith."

Dark clouds started rolling across the sky. The weather was predicting strong thunderstorms. I started thinking about the teens from Child Evangelism Fellowship that would be coming to lead this club and all the potential children that would be coming to learn the Good News. What would we do in a thunderstorm at a playground—besides get soaked?  Again God spoke saying, "Walk by Faith. By Faith prepare, do your part, I'll do MINE."

The kids and I cleaned up our apartment in case rain brought everyone inside. We then raced to the nearest store for posterboard and made signs saying "Rain or Shine" our club would go on. We covered the neighborhood with where to go if the rain hit us. All the while I kept saying, "Okay God, in faith we're still preparing. I'm doing my part so I trust you will prepare their hearts and control the weather." 

It's just like our amazing God to change the weather! Though the forecast said one thing HE said another. The bad weather never hit us! The sunshine came out and our first day of hosting 5 Day Club was a success. Seven kids sat in attendance and 1 of those seven does not know much about Christ, but was eager to learn! Praise God! He kept the storm at bay and prepared hearts just as I heard him say he would. I didn't allow panic to overrule.  I didn't turn back and say, "no, let's cancel, the weather looks bad." I chose to walk by faith and trust God to work out the details. And you know what? After club was over that 1 child asked to come play with my kids...and my house just so happened to be cleaned up enough that I could say "Sure, come on over."

What is God calling you to do by faith today?

 "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1


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