Creativity is a Must & Tooth Fairies Rock!

When you have kids you know that being creative and using your imagination is a must with kids.  No longer do you have a living room, you have a remote jungle with hide out forts.  Boxes become vehicles, dog houses, pounds and if they are big enough hide-outs.  Kids naturally have an imagination.  They like dreaming up adventures.  When they play their stuffed animals talk and anything can happen.  God made us in his image and isn't he an amazing creative God.  Look no farther than the duck-billed platypus and you can see pure creative genius at work!

I know many people disagree on having kids use their imaginations with things like tooth faries, Santa etc.  Here's how I personally feel, and you don't have to agree, if it's not taking the spot light off of God then it's okay to imagine.  In our house we don't do Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.  We feel those holidays are set apart for Jesus, his birth and his resurrection. I know plenty of people who still do Santa and make sure they celebrate Jesus' birthday and the real meaning.  I'm not saying it can't be done.  I'm just saying we don't do those two characters in our home. My kids know who they are, they've even gotten pictures with them before at parties, but they don't come to our house.  We do however set traps for the Leprechaun for St. Patrick's day.  And when the kids loose teeth, a tooth fairy does pay them a visit.

My son lost his first tooth.  He's so excited.  He's growing up so fast.  Next month he'll be six and it shocks and amazes me.  His older sister helped him write a note to his tooth fairy.  They left out a piece of gum and nice little note.  He was wishing for a piece of chocolate.  This momma had NO chocolate on hand.  So after everyone was snuggled into bed I drove 30 minutes just to get that boy some chocolate.  The tooth fairy needed a little assistance, you could say. 

We use the tooth fairy as a learning tool as well. When I was a child my tooth fairy was Chiquita from the Caves of Garcia.  She wrote me letters in Spanish and gave me Pesos and gifts like castanets. My grandmother often frequented Mexico and new a little Spanish.  I would leave out tiny tea cups for my pint size friend.  We'd write letters back and forth, and I'd learn about Mexico and a little Spanish along the way.  My eldest daughter has a fairy named Aurelia who lives in the Edelweiss flowers in Switzerland.  The Sound of Music has all new meaning when you're fairy is from that land. 

So now,  it's my little boys turn.  Since he wanted chocolate, his fairy is Prince Pedro, who happens to live in a Cocoa Grove in Brazil.  His chocolate even has a wrapper, fresh from the printer, with the Brazillian flag.  His letter includes some Portuguese words and tells a little about the country Pedro is from.  I can't wait till tomorrow when he reads all Pedro has to say and we run to the map and learn even more about Brazil. 

Creativity and imagination is a must with children and it creates long lasting memories.  If my child asks me if the tooth fairy is really real, I'll tell them no, but isn't it great to imagine.  I don't say "We believe in tooth fairies," because we believe in Jesus Christ. I do allow my children to be imaginative and creative and get excited about the idea of fairies and leprechauns and myths.  I think that's perfectly okay and a great part of childhood, especially when they know the ONE TRUTH that matters.

Does the tooth fairy frequent your home? How do you feel about the tooth fairy?  What creative things does your child's tooth fairy do?  Please share!


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