Young at Heart

We've had a lot of visitors lately.  Mostly grandparents coming in for short stays here and there.
Memorial weekend we had the honor of my father in law and his wife visiting.  Grilling in true American style at the local park consumed our day.  I watched as my sixty-something year-old father-in-law climbed up a giant old steel slide and with both hands in the air slid down.  At the bottom he tumbled over in the pile of pebbles.  We were all full of laughter at his antics.  What makes a grown man want to slide down a slide at the park again?  Besides the pleas of little grandchildren calling him to play, it's because he's young at heart.

When Christ called us to be like little children I think he was also calling us to be more joyful. How often do we adults miss out on the fun of the day, the amazing things our creator has done—simply because we are too busy with our to-do list.  When we take time to stop and look at things through the eyes of a child and get excited with them, we have a chance to change our outlook and have joy.  I know it's hard.  Just today I rushed my kids to the car, rushed to get buckled, hurry, scurry, rush, brushing aside their stories, their ponders, their desires to pick me flowers, just to get to the local store quickly for some milk and rush right back home. Why? There was no emergency. Why not just enjoy?

Before becoming a mom I thought I'd cherish every dandelion I was given.  I thought I'd listen intently to every tale that was shared.  Now, as a mom of 3 living a busy life, the running and doing often gets in the way of joy. The reality is there are too many things I must do and my mind runs faster than my feet can keep up.  I want to be young at heart, to enjoy the blessings that abound around me.  I want to take on the slides and the swings with abandonment—to cup their little faces as they hand me the 6 hundredth dandelion and say, "Oh thank you, it's beautiful," and mean it. 

Will you join me? Will you stop rushing and hushing the kids and enjoy them?  Lift your voice and sing with them.  Raise your hands and enjoy that fast slide.  Be young at heart.

And he said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Mathew 18:3


  1. What a beautiful photo of Grandpa Tim and a great lesson for us all to cherish & ponder for the day. We are all way to busy in our quick movements to get to here and there that we forget to "stop and smell the roses" or "help our friend in need". Thank you Missy for the gentle reminder. God bless.

  2. Thank you Tina for the nice comment. I hope you're able to enjoy the simple joys of today.


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