Dino Themed Party Pinata Directions

My son will be six tomorrow.  Makes me want to cry when I think about how quickly he's growing.  It's excited to watch his little boy face change.  It's wonderful to hear him read to me and watch him run and play.  It's bitter sweet though to see that he's growing up and changing and won't always fit on my lap or want to cuddle.

We threw him a party and as you probably guessed based on the title, it was all dinosaur.  I made a dinosaur pinata. We played pin the tail on the Brachiosaurus, toss the dino egg (water balloon) and we had a three legged race.  While a t-rex chased the children.  I wouldn't do the 3-legged race again, at least not with little kids. Let's tie their legs together and watch them try to run and fall on their faces, what fun, (oops.)  They still had fun and no one really got hurt, so that was good!

So first up, you have to prepare your pinata.  Plan it out a few weeks before the actual party.  I mixed oat flour and water in a bowl.  I started out with a one to one ratio, but I then needed to add water to thin it out.  I tried tissue paper and news print, but I would recommend copy paper.  You need fewer layers with copy paper.  The plus to the way I did it is that I could see what layer I was on.  So perhaps use different colored paper for each layer.  You need at least three layers.  I did 5.

  • flour
  • water
  • 2 inch wide strips of paper
  • construction paper for tubed neck and tail
  • balloons (large for body, small for head)
  • toilet paper tubes for leg 

 I placed a bowl under the large balloon to hold it in place.  I made a construction paper tube for the neck and tail, and taped them to the balloon.  Also tape on the toilet paper rolls.  Then start adding your layers of paper dipped in the flour and water mixture.  Make sure to cross them over each other.
Allow 24 hours for each layer to dry.

 When it is hard enough that you can't push and feel the balloons inside, you can paint it and stick a knife in to pop the balloon in the body and make a small hole to insert the treats.
We found great little stretchy dinosaurs, along with Dino sponges and stickers from the Dollar Tree.  Those all went into the pinata.  It was taped shut.  I then used a rope to wrap around it and hand it in the tree.  Great FUN.


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