God is Good

As I've watched my best friend deal with breast cancer, I've been amazed by her and by God.  As we were talking last night about things we've seen God doing she reminded me how we can only see a tiny portion of the masterpiece God is creating.

Through ups and downs, infections and trying to raise little kids while battling cancer I've seen her grow.  She does not wavier or doubt God's goodness.  She knows he is good.  She trusts his judgement and she praises him for each thing, good and bad. 

A couple months ago she was growing thinner by the day.  One evening while I was staying with her I was scared as I listened to her labored breath.  Since then though, the cancer numbers have gone up and the cancer has spread according to scans, she seems better.  She has God's peace.  She is gaining some weight back.  Her energy is improving.  She's able to hold her 6 month old baby, when she couldn't just a couple months ago.  She laughs and jokes just like she did back in our college days.  God is good!

The medication that she takes via IV once a week was causing severe shortness of breath and vomiting and fevers.  We all prayed hard for her as she went in this week, and she had none of those side effects.  God is good!  She came home with an appetite and though she was restless she wasn't miserable like the week before.  She was able to be with her children, to laugh and to create memories.

So many people have been touched by her story, and her strength.  She repeatedly points to Jesus and says, "He's my strength".  When doctors are in shock she's not in more pain, for how far it's spread she points to Jesus.  When people are amazed that she's up and around, she points to Jesus.  When she deals with the workers, doctors, nurses and home health people she is not bitter or chaotic, or unsure of her future, she is full of love and grace and peace and hope and she points to Jesus.

In all of this I can say God is Good.  I'm glad that He sees the masterpiece and only shows me a tiny bit at a time.  In that tiny bit I see His hand at work, changing hearts, building connections and showing HE is GOOD. I can thank Him for my dear friend, for all her improvements.  I can thank Him for each day.

Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, For His loving kindness is everlasting.
Psalm 136:1


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