Growing Up

My son is actually 6 years old today.  His little face has been the same since he was a new baby.  It is always funny to see his baby pictures.  He truly has only grown a little bigger or gained a little more hair.  His face always has stayed exactly the same.  But today as I look at my little boy I see that his baby face is changing.  His smile shows where his two BIG boy teeth are coming in.  His little face is growing longer and he looks less like my baby boy and more like a big boy each day.  He's still only an inch taller than his baby sister, but he's changing and growing. 

I think back to six years ago today.  I was laying down with my husband beside my head.  I had a c-section.  I knew he was a boy.  It was pure joy hearing him cry and knowing he was fine, he was really here.  The baby boy I had longed for and bought clothes for, seven years before he was ever born.  Here he was.  He was born at 7:47 am and people joked that we should name him Jet Boeing.  Ironically he loves airplanes and hopes to be a superhero for Jesus that flies planes when he's grown up.  He was a tiny baby.  He fit perfectly into an adorable blue and red premie outfit with a puppy on it.  With his dark brown eyes fixed on me, I looked into his tiny face and my heart melted.  This was my baby boy.  Since that day he's had me.  With one look into his dark brown eyes I'm mush.  When he was a little older he would wake up every night stand up in his crib with his thumb in his mouth and his sippy cup tucked under one arm.  He'd holler for me and then just stand there waiting for me to scoop him up and let him cuddle next to me for the rest of the night.  My sweet little baby no longer sucks his thumb or carries sippy cups under his arm.  He no longer wakes up to cuddle, but when he wakes up we do still get cuddle time. I can't believe my baby boy is no longer a baby or a toddler.  I'm amazed at how he's growing! 

It seems like turning 6 is a big deal.  He's going into 1st grade, he knows how to read and is great at games like Uno and Cadoo.  He comes up with amazing funny jokes and his stories are so creative.  I look forward to seeing all that God has in store for him.

I want to enjoy this time, while he's still little enough to cuddle, stills likes me to sing to him and give him kisses (even in public).  I know one day he'll be taller and maybe more easily embarassed.  One day he won't fit on my lap anymore.

I'm glad that today he's only 6!  God help me to enjoy today and not worry about tomorrow.  Help my son to grow into the man you want him to become.  Bless my son Lord on this his special birthday!  


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