Handicrafts: Charlotte Mason Style

I love being able to home school.  It allows us to take the time to teach my children things they show interest in. I enjoy being able to teach them things they can use in the future.

When my oldest was 4 I began teaching her to sew.  We would have date nights and work on sewing.  I had no idea I was doing Charlotte Mason Handi-Crafts, but in reality I was.  My daughter learned how to make a pillow very well.  She went on to make many pillows to sell at our local church to help the church raise money.  She also learned how to make pillow dolls which she gave to almost every family member.  Now 4 years later she has begun to learn how to knit without a loom.  She's also great at beading and regularly makes jewelry.  The amazing thing about this is seeing how she can use it for God's kingdom.  Recently she sold jewelry at a benefit for my friend with breast cancer.  It brings me joy that she can use these God-given talents for His kingdom. 

I think Charlotte Mason was right on when she talked of the importance of handicrafts.  This year my son is going into 1st grade and he's going to learn wood working skills.  He's excited about it.  He's going to learn to make a wooden car. It's something that he can use later on and it teaches him that he can work with his hands and create something for himself and others.  My 4 year old daughter is also excited about sewing.  I made her an outfit the other day out of a skirt that got to small.  I used the top to make into a pair of shorts.  She was fascinated by the whole process and wanted to learn it all.

I have to tell you as a child an elderly woman took the time to show me how to sew.  She wasn't of any relation to me but she invested that time into me.  It was not something I continued with and so I lost a lot of the knowledge of how to sew and what patterns were saying.  But I remembered that time she took with me and I remember the pj set I made vividly.  There was a joy in making something you can use.  As an adult I re-learned to sew and honestly I'm not the best.  Most patterns make no sense to me.  Yet I can sew now and I can find tutorials or ask my mother in law what to do.  It still brings joy knowing I can make clothes for my kids or toys for them. 

Spending that time with my kids teaching them something like this brings us closer together and it's a very fun part of "school". 

To see more about Charlotte Mason or handicraft videos follow the links.


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