Lesson from Horses

Life has been so busy lately, running here and there and everywhere.  We've enjoyed some fun with zoo trips, children's museums and an amazing horse camp.  In all the fun and family time I don't have enough hours in the day to write on my blog.  Which brings me a twinge of sadness.

 Both my girls love horses. That's an understatement.  My eldest breathes horses.  She thinks about them constantly, plans for when she has her own, reads, writes, saves and talks horses.  She's only 8 and yet she knows a lot of horse breeds, she knows all about the tack, riding styles and much more.  If she had her own room it would be covered in horses, but since they all share only her loft can be horse zone. For a long time she prayed for a horse to ride, and a couple months back that prayer was answered.  Some people in our church own two horses and invited us over to ride.  She was thrilled.  She's ridden before and has longed for the opportunity to arise again.  Then this same wonderful couple offered to allow her to train on one of their horses so that she can do 4H.  Again HUGE answer to prayer.  She loves to be near horses, feeding them, brushing them (though that usually flares up her allergies) and riding them.

Recently she got the opportunity to go to an amazing camp.  Destiny Youth Ranch.  It's in the middle of no where, far far from where we live, but well worth it!  A good friend of mine takes her girls every year so we decided this year to meet up and enjoy the camp together with our girls.  The camp had sessions for horse training and communication, tack and groom, trail riding, painting, free time and a time for a Bible message.  My oldest was the only one old enough to go this year.  We had a blast.  She was given a cow boy Bible, a water bottle and t-shirt.  It was a 3 day, 2 night camp and it was UNDER 100.00 for all that!  It was so much fun!

On the way home I asked her what was her favorite part, besides the riding horses every day and she said, "When the lady came in riding backwards on the horse! That was so cool!" During one of the Bible Message times the speaker was explaining the importance of facing the way God wants you to go.  She rode in to the arena sitting backwards on the horse and explained how hard it was to see where she was going or to steer, because she wasn't facing the right direction.  In our lives if we aren't facing the way that God intends for us to go it will be a lot harder than if we turn around and face the right way to "ride" through life.

All the messages they taught they used horses for demonstrating.  It was amazing and left lasting images in my daughter's head.  Since coming home from camp she reads from her "Cow Boy Bible" daily.  She didn't just remember the stunts and horse stories, she remembered the reason behind them.  That's pretty cool to me.

I highly recommend Destiny Youth Ranch, for a great horse camp!  Even if it takes all day to get there, as it did for us, the time there was so worth it.  You can check them out by following the link. I hope you can join them for one of their upcoming events.  They have camps for kids, and for adults.  If you go, tell me about it!


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