Today my dear friend learned that the cancer is in her brain.  What a let down.  She's so amazing and stays so optimistic.  I know she has her days and her moments when discouragement encroaches. However, I know she always turns to the Lord and seeks his peace and she has amazing trust that HE is with her and that gives her peace.  Looking at her you'd have no clue she was in stage 4 with cancer throughout her body.  Looking at her you'd see sparkling eyes and a joyful face.  You'd hear her laughter, and jokes and praises.  She is pretty incredible.

Tumors try to come in and steal our joy, to make us quake and have fear, but God is greater and his peace surpasses all understanding.  His peace even makes tumors not so scary.

I'm glad we serve a mighty God who is able to give us peace unlike the world.  Peace that sets our hearts and minds at ease even in the midst of trials of any kind. Praise the Lord!


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