Banana Bread Fun

Seeing as how I have bananas coming out my ears, we made more gluten free banana bread today. My youngest got to help all by herself.  She was adamant that no one else could help me, just her.  She wanted to crack each egg.  She's 4 and doesn't quite have down how to crack those eggs without getting egg shells in the batter.  So I thought why not teach her step by step.  The part of me that would normally think "let's not waste more eggs, I'll just do this myself," was put on the back burner today.  I watched her break the first egg into pieces, we cleaned it up off the counter, chair, floor, her face and dress.  All the while she was laughing about how funny it was that the egg exploded. The second egg I held her hand to show her the force to use when cracking an egg.  It still didn't make it in the bowl, but at least it wasn't all over the kitchen.  The third egg we cracked and then I showed her how to put her thumbs in to pull it apart.  That egg actually made it into the bowl.  We only had to fish out a couple egg shells.  We continued this way until we had all 4 eggs in the bowl.  We only completely wasted 3 so that's pretty good, I think. It was definitely worth the look on her face of accomplishment.

As we were putting everything into the bowl she insisted on doing as much as she could by herself. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said, "I have to learn everything that grown ups do, cause I have to do everything you do when I'm a grown up."  It's not a new statement from her.  She usually watches things pretty intently and then tells me she has to learn how to do whatever it is so she can do it when she's a mom.  It's pretty neat to have such a goal oriented, driven 4 year old.  At this point she knows exactly what she's to be a mom...just like me.  Any time she says this it reminds me that I have a little shadow watching every move I make.  It also makes me feel pretty special.  I know I always wanted to be a mommy.  I'd pretend with my dolls and now I see her doing the same. It's pretty amazing.

So for homeschooling today, she learned to make banana bread and how to crack an egg without making a giant mess.  I'd say that's a pretty productive day for my preschooler, don't you think. 


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