Dreaming of Dogs

So instead of researching antique beds and how to convert them I've moved on to searching for dogs....hypoallergenic dogs.  My kids and I have ALWAYS wanted a dog.  However, I've stood by my husband and always said, "We can't have a dog, no house, no dog."  Well it just so happens we are now getting a house! Can you believe it? I sure can't.

I never had a house.  Growing up with a single mom we moved a lot and rented a lot.  Some of the places were houses, but it was always like a room was ours or the basement was our apartment.  I never had a house or a yard or a dog.  I ALWAYS wanted that.  As an adult with kids I've wanted it for them. 

Yet it was never the right time.  We never were really sure we were settled and where we wanted to be.  We were paying down debts, not making enough, trying to live off one income.  Having me stay home with kids meant we didn't have a lot of the extras or "standards" a lot of people had. 

I always found it hilarious when I'd meet someone and they'd ask what I did.  I'd reply I'm a stay-home mom and I'd get this look, and then hear, "Well that's nice if you guys can afford that, you know I have to work to pay the bills."  Most of the time these comments came from total strangers, who had nice wardrobes, nice new cars and a house.  I guess my priorities were different.  And no, we couldn't "afford" for me to stay home, but we made a way and sacrificed a lot because it was just that important to us.  Like my wardrobe, ha, make me laugh, I have a handful of shirts and one pair of jeans and two pair of dress pants, one pair of tennis shoes and one pair of dress shoes.  That's all I NEED.  Have I wanted more? Sure!  Have I envied others? Oh Yeah! But when I looked the real question in the face I saw that the question was did I want to work to have stuff or did I want to be with my kids.  The perfect clothes, great hair cuts, having two vehicles and a house weren't worth more to me than being able to be home with my kids, to raise them, to watch them learn and grow.  So we went without for a long time.  We did the one vehicle thing for 11 years.  It was hard, I hated being stuck at home or if I needed the car to lug everyone out and do car seats multiple times a day to take daddy to work and pick him up and take him to school and pick him up.  I learned to cut my kids hair and mine.  We didn't eat out like ever....ALTHOUGH we could have probably eaten way cheaper at McDonalds daily...but that's another story...and we don't do fast food, like they're allergy or health friendly..ha.  So after years of waiting and scrimping we are finally ready!

Which brings me back to looking for dogs.  So now that we can actually have a house the very first question out of my daughter's mouth was, "So when can we get a dog?"  I said, "Well we have to wait and find the right kind of dog and have to save for the dog so it might take a while." My youngest nods and says, "Like 6 days, 6 days after we move we can get a dog?"  It will be more than six days that's the only thing I know for sure.  In the meantime I've been looking up hypo-allergenic dogs and have been sharing pictures of information with my kids. It's fun! So far their favorite is the Samoyed. They made up a cheer about wanting a Samoyed and walk around chanting it and doing high fives to each other.  All super cute.  Now we have to get daddy on board. So who knows maybe one day I'll be a homeschooling mom with a house and a dog.  Wouldn't that be cool, dreams coming true.


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