Moving Mahem

Soon I'll write about vacation. It was wonderful...yet it feels like it's never ending.  We were supposed to close on our house the end of Sept before we left on vacation.  It was postponed, so we went and came back only to find out it was postponed again.  So we've spent since Sept 30 either in hotels, or friend's houses as we wait for the house to close!

Can I pull my hair out now?  A never ending vacation has an up side, we are becoming hotel connoisseur, but there's the down side too: switching hotels daily, living out of a van, cranky kids, inability to home school or have a real schedule.  The biggest problem with this is missing that large electrical appliance that cooked my REAL food.  I miss cooking.  I miss meal planning.  I miss eating real food.  One can only stomach so many pb&j before feeling ill.

So we have found that buying a house is not so fun.  Things keep changing.  By the end of the week we should truly be in our new home.  Oh what joy.  How lovely that will be.  It still seems unreal.

I always hated moving, but I think is the longest "moving" experience I've had.  It's been nearly a month since I packed all our belongings up and kissed them goodbye.  Can't wait to be done with all this moving mahem!


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