Mary Did You Know

As the joy candle was lit this morning for advent I felt the igniting of joy in my heart.   I got to see my husband in front of our congregation worshiping the Lord with song.

I have always loved to hear him sing.  On our first date over 17 years ago he sang to me quietly in my ear, since that day I have rejoiced  in hearing his voice in song.  For anniversaries or presents one of my heartfelt requests is for him to sing to me. I have never had the best voice, but I feel like being married to him and standing next to him singing I've learned from him.  I love to listen for his voice, it helps me know where to sing.

As I think about that I'm reminded of how a wife is to allow her husband to lead just as Christ leads the church. In the midst of lots of voices I could discern which one was my husband's and listen for it aligning my voice to the key that was right.  I want to be a women of God that listen's to The LORD's voice above the noise of the world, above all the things that surround us.  I want to discern where he is and align myself and my life with HIM.  So many things in marriage reflect our walk with Christ and that brings my heart joy. What a gift God gave us. 

My husband has desired to be apart of a worship team, using his gift of singing and music for the Lord, for a very long time.  As his wife, I've watched as his desire and dream has been kicked around by others to the point where he questioned if he really had the gift to sing.  It hurt my heart when he wouldn't sing thinking he was no good, because I longed to hear his voice.  Today he helped lead worship and he sang Mary Did You Know.  I felt such a joy listening to him sing and hearing the reactions of others amazed at his gift.  It was a joy on many levels:  hearing my favorite Christmas song, pondering the birth of Christ and how his young mother felt.  A joy of  having my husband being a part of something he's longed to do for so long.  It was a joy of knowing that God brought us to this place for a reason and that HE is doing so much here. The joy of hearing.

I hope you feel the joy of Christ today.  May you be led by Him and be able to hear HIS voice.  May you rejoice in HIS birth and all that means for us today.


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