My ABC Book

I talked about the process of learning to read the other day.  I thought I'd share with you what I used with my kiddos as they were learning their letters.  Back in 2011 I put together an ABC book.  It's basically a letter a week book.  I found things from all over the internet to include, but I meticulously spent hours and days creating a publisher file.  I included what to do on what day and found composers and artists and bible verses to go with each letter.  Some of the pages I made completely from scratch. Other pages I found neat crafts and attached them to the page.  I have used this book with all my kids.  I didn't have it all together in a nice PDF for my oldest, but I used all the same things.  They have all LOVED it. 

I set it up so that you print it out double sided.  It's HUGE.  We printed A-L and had that bound and then printed M-Z and had that bound.  I took pictures of the things we did and added them to the "pictures of my week" page. The books became their ABC book/ and scrap book of their learning all in one. For Q week for example we made a mini quilt for my daughter's baby doll.  We took lots of pictures of her and put those in the book.  Sometimes I took a picture with the craft they made.  When we were on P week we went to the zoo and I got pictures of my kids in front of the Polar Bear and Puma and they went in the book.  All the pictures made it extra special. 

I have had multiple friends use this with their kids too.  I hope this will benefit you and your family.  It's full of fun crafts and a week worth of things to do for each letter.  I found a lot of the crafts or worksheets on DLTK website.  I decided to include the PDF I made here.  I hope you get as much enjoyment and use out of it as we have! 

 Letter of the Week Book!


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