The Process is Important

My youngest daughter really wants to learn to read.  She doesn't understand that learning her letters and their sounds is part of the process.  The other day her two siblings were reading their Bible study books on their own answering questions.

She comes to me and says, "I looked around and they are all doing it all themselves, and I tried but I read it all wrong and so you have to read it with me.  And you should really teach me to read already you know!"

She's all of 4! I couldn't help cracking up with laughter.  She's too darn cute.  I told her I am teaching her to read.  She responded with raised eyebrows and massive skepticism.  I took out our letter cards s, a and t and laid them on the floor.  I had her tell me their sounds and then I put them together and she read the word sat!  She was so excited.  She did sat, mat and at.  We had to video tape it and send it to daddy.  Now she has a new found excitement for reviewing her letter sounds and doing phonogram cards.  She sees the bigger picture!

I pray, I will see each  mundane task God has me do actually has a bigger purpose.  I pray that you too, whoever you are, will see you have purpose.  As you do the dishes and laundry over and over, as you pick up the same toys over and over  remember that all the repetition and seemingly dull work really is for a greater purpose.  May God give you glimpses at how important your work is.  While my daughter wants to open the world of reading and go places quickly, she has to take it one step at a time.  While I say things like God use me, I want to change the world, I want to do missions and make a difference he says, "Serve your family, one step at a time, and you will be changing the world."

Be blessed today in the process, it's important too!


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