How to Love your Husband

I've talked about sharing love with others, our kids and God.  Obviously not in the order of importance!  Today I want to share about loving our husbands.

As a women I want to be loved, and feel loved, special and important to my man. Yet what about when life is busy, when jobs keep him away, or when babies keep you from having time together?  What happens when you don't "feel loved"?  I've been married for 14 years and though I know my husband loves me there are plenty of times when I haven't felt loved. Feelings change.  Let's face it we are women and if you are anything like me you can feel like everything is wonderful and 2 minutes later feel like the world is falling apart.  We cannot base our life and our marriages on feelings.

 My husband and I have a covenant marriage.  It's a covenant before God.  We have vowed that we will be together for life.  So that means we have to work at our relationship.  We have to work through tough times and we have to be attentive to each other's needs.  Life will not always make things easy for us.  Let's face it we have a real enemy who want to steal, kill and destroy as the Bible says in John 10:10.  Do you think that enemy wants our marriages strong and thriving? Doubtful! Our marriages are supposed to reflect Christ's love for his Church.  When we have broken marriages it does not accurately depict Yahweh God and His great love for us.

So what can you do as a wife today?  You can follow what the Lord said in Ephesians 5:33.  We can respect our husbands.  So first we need to find out what makes them feel disrespected.  Most of us know the obvious; Don't yell at them, put them down or be-little them. What about when it's not so obvious.  Maybe they feel disrespected by something that you've never considered as disrespectful.  I suggest, you ask them if there is anything you do that makes them feel disrespected.  Ask this in love and be willing to listen.  It might not be easy to hear. But, you want a strong marriage, you want to honor God, so be willing to listen.  Ask the Lord to help you be respectful to your husband.  Ask him to equip you to show respect even when you may not feel like it.  The more respected he feels, the more he will show you love.  It's the cycle that Dr. Eggerichs explains in his book Love and Respect. It's what the Bible said all along.

So in practical terms I challenge you to try to show your husband respect today.  Make him is favorite supper, ask him how you can meet his needs.  Don't correct him when he's speaking.  Don't interrupt him, letting him talk.  Give him some alone time.  I know we all need alone time and you may be thinking, "Listen I'm the one who's been home with kids following me to the bathroom all day, I'm the one who needs alone time."  I feel you!  But our husbands are blessing us with working hard so we can be home with these little ones.  So, make him a drink and tell him you want him to take an hour to just be by himself and do whatever he wants to do.  I bet he'll be shocked if he's anything like my husband.  Do something today to show your husband you respect him and what he does for you, that's the best way to love our men.


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