Share Valentines Love

As I home school my kids I want to give them opportunities to share God's love with others. One way I have found is by doing something in our community. We have taken school time to make things to give to others.  In the past we've made cookies and taken them to fire fighters and said thank you for their hard work.  We've made crafts to give to elderly.  I want them to see that while learning everyday knowledge is important it's just as important for us to take the time to reach out to others.

With Valentines just around the corner I thought I'd share some little craft ideas that you could do with your kids or home school group with the intent to give them away. You could take them to a hospital or the local police station or post office or a local nursing home to let people know you're thankful for them.

I got my supplies all from the local Dollar Tree.  I got foam sheets, and cut them in half to be the cards.  They had foam sticker hearts that we used to make the birds and the dancers.  We used cupcake papers for the skirts. The love bugs are pom poms, pipe cleaners and glitter glue for faces.  It was all at the Dollar Tree.  You can spend a little but make a lot to share love this Valentines day.  The kids had fun creating their own sticker filled cards full of glitter too of course.  Let them have fun with it and tell them that it will bless the hearts of the people who receive it.

Here are examples of what we did:


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