Time with your real Valentine

This week I shared ideas for sharing love with other's and ideas for dates with your children for quality time.  What about time with the LORD.  How do you show God you love him? Do you spend time just praising God for who He is?

I have to say that when you spend time praising, without a list of requests it draws you nearer to the heart of God.  I do not do it enough!  I want to encourage you to have time today just praising God.  Lift your hands, your heart and your voice as you thank the LORD for all he has done for you.  Thank Him for salvation.  Thank him for loving you so much that He died and rose again to open the way to eternal life.  Just praise Him and draw near to his presence.

I know it's easy to get bogged down in the daily tasks.  It's easy to be distracted by the constant go of our culture and our to-do-lists.  Let's step back and take time to show God how much we love Him.  He should come first in our lives. Does he come first in yours? Often, instead our kids come first and God might be the last thought as we fall into bed at the end of the day.  My challenge for you this Valentines week, is to do something to show God how much you love Him. I'm challenging myself too.   Let's do it together.  Put Christ first and all things will gain the proper order out of that one choice.

If you need help with having a devotion time there are lots of great resources on line.  Check out Good Morning Girls or  Nancy Leigh DeMoss Radio for more resources.

Have a great week growing closer to your one true love, Jesus Christ.


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