Veggie Math Lesson

I was remembering how as a kid I went to see a colonial days exhibit where people were dressed up and acted out their daily lives.  The only thing I remember from the exhibit was making a string of vegetables.  I'm not sure why we sewed the veggies on a string.  I don't really even know what it has to do with colonial times.  All I know is it was fun, I made a necklace out of it, and enjoyed eating off it.  

So I got my kids set up at the kitchen table to make our own snack necklaces.  
I used durable sewing thread and a needle.  Each child had their own needle threaded, and had a cutting board to work on.  We put carrots, cucumbers, peppers and celery on our stings.  They practiced the skill of hand sewing and using thimbles while making a pattern out of their snack.  The math comes in for little kids with making patterns. You can also do addition and subtraction.  Like 4 cucumbers plus 5 carrots equals 9 veggies on the string.  Of course the easy subtraction comes into play as you eat the pieces off your necklace. 

Once their patterns were done I tied them around their neck, with a big enough gap for them to pull it over their heads.  They spent the day snacking on their veggie necklace.  

Next time you're doing patterning or teaching sewing or just want a fun snack try a veggie necklace!

   * Clothing disclosure: carrots will leave orange on shirts and skin. Have Fun!


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