Our newest family member...

This is our new dog.  He regularly sleeps upside down with his head hanging off of couches or beds or my kids.  He is pretty hilarious.  I know I talked about my hours spent researching dogs and trying to figure out the best breed for our family, well like most things this didn't go exactly as I had planned.

My husband and I were planning to wait till mid summer to get a dog and we were not yet in agreement on the kind.  He wanted a Sheltie, and I wanted a hypo-allergenic dog.  (He says there's no such thing) My mother in law on the other hand was searching for a Bichon mix.  Well it just so happened that one showed up in a humane society not to far from where we live, which is very far from my dear mother in law.  She called me late one night and said please go see him tomorrow and get him for me.  I asked my husband if we could keep a dog for his mom for a few days till she could get down and get him.  He agreed.  So I took the kids first thing the next day to the humane society.  They were thrilled to death.  We got a little pager and stood in line with great anticipation.  Finally our pager buzzed and my kids squealed!  We were taken into a private room and met this little white fluff ball.  He had been a stray, was flea bitten, had been neutered and had oral surgery and was now ready for adoption.  He had a big cone on his head.  I called to make sure my mom-in-law was on board with all I found out about this little dog.  So we took home this pup and the kids got to name him Smores. We feel in love with this sweet pup. He loved the kids and the attention.  Then a few days later grandma came and took him home with her.  We cried.  She brought him back for a visit and again when she left we missed our dear little friend.

He ended up getting attacked by a neighbor's American Bull Dog, who plowed through a fence to chew on him.  At that point we started talking about bringing him back here so he'd be safer.  Then around the first of this month we met grandma half way and brought Smores home to be our dog. He wasn't the kind we planned on, but he is great.

Now we have hours of entertainment, the kids are training him to do tricks.  We even got to take him to the local nursing home to show off his tricks.  We get in our exercise through our daily walks and he helps my youngest take naps as he'll sleep by her.  My eldest complains about math way less because he'll sit on her lap while she does math. We can carry him like a baby, he's even been fine with wearing a hat or doll clothes.  While he wasn't what we had planned on, I think we ended up pretty blessed! We finally have that dream dog that I've wanted since I was a kid.


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