Pampered by my Kids

Yesterday was a hard day.  One of those days when everything keeps going wrong.  The little things.  It's always the little things that seem to get me down the fastest.  The big things I hold out hope and pray about.  Maybe God's still teaching me, come to me with the little things!!!

After a bad day with epic fits and tantrums I was exhausted.  I felt worn thin, beat down and the enemy satan kept whispering his lies of I'm not a good enough mom, not a good enough home maker, you know what I mean I'm sure. We all have those days. First thing this morning when I woke up there were those lies striking again, "Your kid's rooms are so messy you can't see the floor, you don't even know what toys they have or don't have."  I shared my struggle with my husband.  He prayed for me once again, as he had the night before.  Then I laid in bed willing myself to get up and face the day.  God sure gave me a good husband!  He went and talked to the kids, apparently told them mommy really needed to feel loved today.  I got up and slogged to get dressed and get breakfast on the table.  Suddenly my kids were bringing me cards that said "I love you Mom." My oldest kept asking how she could help me.  Talk about a 180 degree change from the day before.

Then at dinner time my girls helped cut and peel potatoes and my son helped empty and fill the dishwasher.  When supper was over my eldest said, "Mom, I really want to give you a manicure and pedicure, can I?"  I smiled at her and said sure. She set up a bucket of cool water with epsom salt for me to soak my feet in while she buffered and polished my nails.  We were in the middle of the kitchen floor and I was in an uncomfortable chair.  So she brought me pillows and an eye mask.  My son saw what she was doing and said, "I want to help." So he got the lotion out and started rubbing my arm and my neck.  He started by squeezing the front of my neck, which was not exactly relaxing, but so sweet.  I directed him to the back of my neck or my hand and wrist.

When the youngest saw that her siblings were pampering me she wanted in on it.  I hear her say, "Mom, say EEEE." I said it with my blinder mask still on, as she thrust my tooth brush full of tooth paste into my mouth and started roughly scrubbing my teeth.  One arm is being held by my son as he's rubbing my hand and wrist the other by my eldest as she's painting my nails, I can't see and I'm trying to tell her through clenched teeth to please stop I need to spit. After spitting and gaining my eye sight I look at her. She's standing by me with sloppy pig tails and a big smile holding up my tooth brush, "I can brush them more now for you, Mama. Does your mouth feel clean?"  I burst out laughing.  I told her it felt great, perfectly clean, that I did not need anymore brushing, thank you so much. Instead if she wanted to rub my feet she could.  So I sat back down and was re-blinded while the kids pampered me.  I kept laughing thinking this was unlike any manicure or pedicure I'd ever heard of.

They then informed me that I was tired and now I needed to get on jammies and they were gonna tuck me in and read me a bedtime story.  All three of them took turns and I really did zonk out while one of them was reading.  I then woke up to pray with them and thank them for their sweetness and tuck my precious ones into bed.  My eldest looked at me and said, "Mom, did you feel loved today?"

Yes I did!  Moments like these make the days of mundane tasks, and all the hard days of raising kids and running a home worth it!  I am loved.


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