Science and Salamanders

Today in science we were learning about salamanders. The lesson brought me back to my childhood days. I lived in a rental house on a island. It was home for a short time, but I remember the salamanders. They lived in my bathroom where it was damp and dark. We kept the door shut tight hoping to not allow salamanders in the rest of the house. I don't remember if that worked or not. I do remember reaching around the door to flick on the light as quickly as I could and watch all the salamanders scatter to hide. I remember being scared that one would get me while I was stuck on the potty. I was only 5 at the time. The most memorable event in that bathroom was the night I tried to catch one. With a margarine tub in hand I headed to the bathroom. There was a small little green salamander in the shower, I watched it and then slammed the margarine tub on to it. To my dismay it's tail flew off and started twitching and flicking all over the shower floor. I screamed and ran from the bathroom, where I melted down thinking I had killed the poor tiny salamander. Tears streaming down my face I realized I should probably go get the margarine tub and bury the yucky dead creature. As I lifted the plastic container I was shocked to find a living salamander run from it's prison and escape down the shower drain. That memory is forever etched in my brain. That was the day I learned that salamanders can loose their tails or even their legs and they will grow back. So today as my daughter was learning about pond life and all that salamanders do I flash backed to the little island house. It made my skin crawl thinking about it. Yes, God's creatures are unique and amazing. Growing back appendages is pretty neat, but some creatures are still just yucky! When I told my 9 year old, my memory, her face contorted and she shivered thinking about it. We are both very happy that we live far from salamanders and we can go into our bathroom without fear of meeting any creatures!


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