Happy New Year

We had a great 2015. We got through my 2nd graders science and history text books, so we moved on to his favorite things like space in science. My 4th grader has been enjoying using some of her science time to shadow a local veterinarian. And we've spent a lot of time reading. Shared reading, independent reading and reading with companion study guides or lap books to further the learning. I've been finding some lap books on homeschool share, but I have also added to them or made my own. I've gotten some components on line and some I made from scratch. I'll attach some for you to enjoy here for free.

This year's reading so far... my 4th grader has read The Courage of Sarah Nobel with lap book from homeschool share. Then she read the Badge of Honor by Susan Marlow with the free study guide downloaded from her website. She then read Mr. Popper's Penguins with her 2nd grade brother and did a lap book again from Homeschool Share. At the end of reading we watched the movie as a family and it made a great venn diagram, as very little was similar between the book and the movie. She then read Tunnel of Gold by Susan Marlow with study guide. After that she read Owl in the Family with her brother and did a lap book I made. She then began Heartbreak Trail by Susan Marlow. During that time she was reading other books about horses or dogs on her own.

My second grader read Mr. Popper's Penguins, Owl in the Family, The Bears on Hemlock Mountain (homeschool share lap book along with tracks and other printables from filefolderfun) and in between he read Stink and Imagination Station books.

My kindergartener has been working through All About Reading Level 1 and is nearly finished.

For "Read Aloud" this year we did Betsy and Tacy, Farmer Boy, On the Banks of Plum Creek, On the Shores of Silver Lake, The Best/Worst Christmas Pageant Ever and we are currently half way into The Long Winter in the Laura Ingalls-Wilder series.

When I look at all we did accomplish with reading this past fall I feel accomplished, as we started in Sept and we had lots of visitors coming and holiday breaks. When I think about my little 5 year old sounding words and really learning to read, instead of comparing her to others, I feel pride in her hard work. If I don't write it out or think about what we did accomplish this past year, then my thoughts go to all we haven't gotten to yet. Isn't that the way we are as humans constantly thinking about what we haven't done or don't have and forgetting to look at all that we do have or have done. Have you written out your accomplishments from the fall?

I'm resolving this year that I want to spend more time focusing on my blessing and on what has been done. I want to make my days count, not just to check off that we did school but to know that I've reached the hearts and minds of my kiddos. I want to make a difference to instill in them a love for God and a love for learning and growing in all that is good. If we just check off the boxes of lesson plans done but neglect the hearts of our kids we've missed the mark. Lets encourage them and enjoy learning with them as we begin 2016.

Happy New Year.

Owl in the Family Lap Book Directions.pdf
Owl in the Family Lap Book Pieces.pdf
I used some pieces from here: Lapbook Lessons.com - Owl Lapbook


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