Wednesday is Awana day for my household.  During the summer we had Five Day Club, from Child Evangelism Fellowship, in our backyard.  The kids that came to that have continued to come over every Wednesday for Awana.  One little girl actually buses over after school.  The kids play, sometimes we do a craft, or practice their Awana verses, we eat dinner together and then I take them to Awana.

The year has had it's ups and downs.  There are days when things go perfectly and days when there is massive girl drama and I'm the referee.  But it's an example of influence I talked about yesterday.  My family and I can influence these kids through little things like them sitting at the dinner table with us praying, and talking.  I know when I grew up with a single mom some days we ate together at the table but I remember more often then not we sat in front of the t.v.  I remember a couple meals we had regularly rice with pork chops and gravy and tuna casserole.  Other than that I remember eating lots of cereal, or ice cream or ramen noodles.  The sad thing is that many kids today never sit down at a table with their family to pray, to eat and talk together.  Either they are on the run all the time and getting fast food or they're all on their own electronic devices too busy to talk with each other, or their parents simply are not home.  The simple act of breaking bread together can greatly influence the lives of others.

How can you use your influence today?


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