Corduroy Bear's Overall Directions

It was a pretty easy to sew overalls for her bear.  I had extra fabric laying around.  So I found some green fabric to look similar to Corduroy Bear.  If you want to match perfectly then get green corduroy fabric, and get a honey colored bear.  We just went with a bear she already had.  You can do this in 10 easy steps, with no pattern.  All you need is your bear, some material, matching thread, a sewing machine, scissors and two matching buttons.  You could do the whole thing by hand if you really wanted to. When you're done you'll have your own special Corduroy Bear.

Step 1: Fold your fabric in half.  With the right sides, or the sides you want showing in the end, facing each other, to the inside.

Step 2: Lay your bear on the fabric, with the fold chest level of the bear.

Step3: Cut out the fabric giving extra room on each side of the legs.  It will look like a big pair of pants.

Step 4: Sew the pieces together, still with right sides together. Sew on wrong side.

Step 5: Roll up leg bottoms and sew them to make a little hem.

Step 6: Roll down top to make a hem across the top.

Step7: Turn right side out and put your bear into them.  It should be baggy.

Step 8: Take left over fabric and cut out pieces that will fit over your bears shoulders. Should be snug enough to hold pants up, but loose enough to take the bear out.

Step 9: Sew the straps to the front and back of the pants.

Step 10: Where the strap meets the pants in front sew on a bottom by hand. If they are still a little big you and gather the pants up in back and sew the gather together.

Now enjoy your Bear looking like Corduroy! As soon as I can add photos of the steps I will.  Life keeps me hoping!


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