Daily Struggles

Yesterday I focused on all we have accomplished this year, but what about the struggles.
I like you am not perfect, and my children, like all children struggle.

There are days that everything feels like a fight.  Just trying to get all three children opening up their books and putting down their toys can seem like a struggle.  When I've stayed up late planing what I think is an amazing lesson and the first words out of my child's mouth is, "I hate this", I want to throw in the towel.  I have not had one day that all three children have been excited about each task of the day.  If you read my other blogs and imagine these little angels absorbed in their reading and math, a clean house and me spilling over creativity with a shining smile....you've been mislead!

I'm just like many of you.  It is hard to balance everything. There are days that I feel we accomplish nothing.  Days when laundry is spewing out of every crevice of my home. Toys booby trap my walking path, kids throw fits about math or throw pencils out of frustration.  There are days that I think the school down the street looks pretty inviting.  On a daily baisis my children take turns as to which one will have sudden hearing loss. There are days when I literally have to scrap all my lesson plans and hope and pray the next day will be better.  Lets face it, we don't have lunch ladies, or prep times, or special pull outs in homeschooling.  We are expected to teach all the subjects, do recess duty and make lunch, while keeping our house clean and keeping up with other areas of life.  If some things seem to be falling through the cracks in your schedule, it's normal.  It's okay. 

I constantly feel the pressure, mostly from myself, to be super mom.  I want to be the best teacher and engage my children in every lesson.  I want them to love it all.  Let's face it that's not going to happen.  In the midst of it, let's not get discouraged!

Here are some ideas to keep you on track and keep the homeschooling blues at bay.

  • Start the day with prayer.  Ask God to order your steps and to help your children be diligent, and to help you not allow your expectations get in the way of what HE has in store. Ask for help in dealing with kids behavior, that you would see their hearts and not just deal with the behavior.
  • Don't compare!  Don't look at me, or your neighbor and think you need to do it the same way. God made you the parent to your kids.  It's gonna look different than my homeschool, or anyone elses.  Also don't compare your children to each other.  That's a hard one, but they are all different and what worked with one, may not work with the other. 
  • Constantly remind yourself of what you have accomplished!
  • Surround yourself with people who will speak into your life, not tear you down. 
  • Throw out what you don't use or isn't wo rking.  Changing things up can seem like a bad thing to do in the middle of the year, but it may be the switch that brings it all together. 


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