Fabulous Friday with Corduroy Bear

All of my kids have loved the book Corduroy!  As a part of my curriculum for my littles I use Five in A Row.  One of the classics they use is Corduroy.  It was a pleasure to re-visit our family favorite.

I wanted to make it extra special for my darling little kindergartner, so we made a lap book to go with it.  I love lap books!  Not only do they help you keep a record of what you are learning. They are so fun, and just making them is memorable.  So I found a few lapbook pieces online and pieced it together.  My favorite part though was at the beginning of the week I told my daughter to pick out bear to read with, that could be her very own Corduroy bear.  Midway through the week we worked on sewing Corduroy some lovely little overalls.  I will include instructions for making Corduroy Overalls on tomorrow's post.  She helped sew on buttons for Corduroy.  Then at the end of the week we drove into the city to a BIG furniture store.  Corduroy got to ride the escalator, and jump on rows of beds.  He even got to hide with just his ears peeking out from under the covers!  AND  I got the "Night Watch Man" to take a picture with Corduroy.  The security guard who remains nameless was very accommodating to have his picture taken.  He even tucked Corduroy under his arm, like in the book!

So here's a picture of our new bear with the lapbook, and the night guard with Corduroy. Use the links to find the pieces for your lapbook. Hope you have as much fun as I did!  If you do please tell me about it!


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