God Provides

     In the midst of dealing with the ugliness of court God was showing me that he could do beautiful things. We met our county attorney right away, and went in to be interviewed by them.  I had typed out notes on every thing our daughter had ever told me, every journal entry I ever wrote that contained red flags.  I felt a knot in my stomach as we had to rehash all of it again.  We'd already called a hotline and told them. We then had social workers visit, then met with an officer and had to go to a special place that interviews the child and does an examination. We had already told her story, and our story over and over. So here we were again, yet this time it was different. We sat in a room with the attorney, the advocate and the paralegal and they made us feel safe. They made us feel comfortable.  They made us feel heard.
     Over the next 9 months we would see them often.  The paralegal would make jokes with my kids and let them "steal" his candy while we met and talked. The advocate would bring stress toys, come to visit us at home, and go out for ice cream with us, all to help our little girl feel comfortable with her.  We could not go into any of the meetings with our daughter, but the advocate could.  Our attorney was amazing. She sought justice and she knew her stuff. She kept us informed and up to date and added up charges in between doing kart-wheels to entertain our little one. When we had to go to the police station to have depositions the sheriff's department showed her around. One of them gave her a super girl toy.  She resonated with super girl. Like her she too was a hero, she was going to rescue other girls from getting hurt.  She could put on her cape and her mask and feel safer, stronger as she had to talk to them about all the bad things she'd experienced. We all dressed up as super heroes to show her we were a team that was fighting with her. The attorney and advocate came clad in their Wonder Woman and Batman attire.  In moments like these I'd feel breath return to my chest and see God providing.
     He was providing relief in this horribly stressful time. He was providing fun and laughter in the midst of pain.  We knew the courthouse inside out.  The kids all got to take turns sitting in the superhero seat in the court room and pretend to be the bailiff or judge or attorney.  All in an attempt to help our little girl to feel safe and comfortable and confident as she prepared to go to trail against the man who hurt her. One of the most beautiful moments for me was when her birthday came.
     They decided to throw her a little party at the courthouse. The  911 dispatchers allowed her to see who you talk to when you call 911. One of them made her an amazing cake after hearing her story.  It was a beautiful fondant super girl cake. The tables were decorated. There was punch and cake and ice cream. The Sheriff who had been a part of many of the meetings was there. The entire lawyer team was there. They gave her a special superhero cape that day and a stuffed dog to cuddle.  When she walked out of the courtroom I took a picture of her and I felt she was walking a little higher.
God provided.  He provided strength for the journey, and a legal team that became friends. I felt so blessed and so amazed by the out pouring of these people. They were truly heroes in ever sense of the word.


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