God's Lavish Love- We are going to Mexico!

After my last post I was amazed over and over by God's love.  I was reminded over and over again that when he calls he provides. My son got an idea to take some of his photography that won ribbons at our local fair and make them into cards and sell them to raise money to go to Mexico.  He wanted to sell them at a local home school open house. I immediately questioned if that would even be allowed.  I didn't think I'd ever seen that done before, and I knew plenty of homeschool kids went on mission trips. Even asking if he could sell his cards made me feel off.  Once again God blew my pre-conceived notions right out of the water. The ladies in charge agreed to allow him to sell his cards at the open house.

I spent days with him printing, cutting and pasting cards together. His sister helped him make a tri-fold board to set up behind his display.  I looked at all his work and I was so proud of him.  He believed God called him and he set to work on the task finding every way he could to raise the money to go.  Our pastor called and said he could announce that he had a Go Fund me page and was selling cards, though he couldn't sell any at church.  He decided to come up with a speech of what he wanted to say.  He had me type it up for him.  He stood up in front of our whole congregation this little child who is tiny for his age and he explained his desire to be a missionary and what he was doing.  He even cracked a joke about not selling the cards at church, because of Jesus making a whip and driving the sellers from the temple.  I sat watching him with a joy in my heart at how he was growing, and I pondered what God would do.  We still had a lot of money to make and not many days. 

In the next couple days he sold lots of cards and received donations. My husband was able to sell some things too and before the deadline we had ever cent raised for the mission trip.  I was in awe of the way God moved.  The next obstacle was getting passports.  We were told it could take a long time.  A week after we ordered them they arrived at our house.  To think in a couple short weeks God provided over 1900.00 for the trip and another 400 for passports, it floored me.

It is perfectly clear to me that God wanted my son to go, and that he has lined all this up.  Now I ponder what we will learn.  What is God wanting to show us.  Will my son come back and be less materialistic? Will he feel his calling to be a missionary confirmed? Will this trip and this experience completely change his life and perspective? Will I see my baby boy grow into a young man? I wonder what we will learn, what we will do and how will it change us.  I want to go where God sends.  I want to be open to learn what God wants to teach.  I want my eyes to see all that God desires us to see. I don't want to be double minded doubting and seeing the obstacles all the time.  I want to trust and remember His amazing promises and provision.

I see His lavish love.  I see His answers to our prayers and I rejoice.  I look forward to see what he will do while we are in Mexico.  Please pray for us, for our hearts to be ready to receive whatever God has in store. Please pray for the children and my husband that will still be at home.  They aren't too thrilled with the idea of mommy being gone for a week.  Luckily Grandma is coming and I'm sure they'll have fun, but pray for them too, that God would work in their hearts while we are away.  I look forward to sharing all that we see and do. 


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