Dino Themed Party: How about a Brachiosaurus Cake!

No party is complete without a birthday cake.  My son wanted a Brachiosarus.  Talk about a challenge.  I looked on line at lots of dinosaur cakes but none were Brachiosaurus ones.  So I had to figure it out myself. 

First, I baked 4 round cakes.  I used my hot cocoa cup cake recipe.  I then chilled them for 2 hours in the freezer. I prepared a large cookie sheet covered in wax paper.  I then began cutting the cake and gluing it together with frosting. Take two of the round cakes, slice off the bottom to lay them on their sides.  Like shown below.  These are the body of the dinosaur.  With frosting "glue" the two rounds together and glue the bottom to the pan you set it on.  Take the slice from the bottom and cut them into the 4 feet.  Again attach with frosting glue.  Then cut a tail and pieces to stack for the neck and head.  As it settles the head with lean back more.  We propped up the head for a paper towel roll made to look like a tree. You can then frost the entire dinosaur the way you desire. 
I purchased colored butter cream frosting from Whole Foods to use on my dinosaur.  I practiced for weeks before wasting money on natural food dies that didn't work well with the frosting.  So I opted to just buy a couple pounds of colored frosting from Whole Foods.  It was only $3.00 a tub, the natural food coloring at our local store was more than $8.00 so I think I got the better deal! Once you frost the cake do not put it in the fridge or freezer that will cause condensation.  Leave it out. 
We frosted the paper towel rolls to look like trees.  He wanted a red and green dinosaur.  The colors were very light as they were plant based natural colors, but it worked fine for him!

Hope your Brachiosarus birthday cake is extra yummy!  Ours sure was!


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